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Cast Composites


Technology for producing cast composites based on Fe-C alloys, i.e. cast iron and cast steel and Al-based lalloys using reactive components.

We are working on this technology and will notify you when it is available.


Innerco offers licenses for technologies from the InnerComposites (IC) family used to produce local composite reinforcements in casting products based on iron alloys, i.e. cast steel and cast iron. They allow strengthening with hard ceramic particles of the casting in its top layer – 1IC or adapted to the wear profile zone – 2 IC. Both technology variants together provide ultra-high abrasion resistance. We are in the final stages of developing the final member of the family, cast composites – 3 IC, in which reinforcing particles are distributed throughout the casting capacity. This offering is complemented by a full range of services related to the technology transfer process and the ability of the Innerco team to execute the full new product development cycle.

The common feature of the InnerComposites technology family is the formation of reinforcing particles directly in the liquid casting melt, thus ensuring the highest possible quality of the resulting metal matrix composite material. Our offer is addressed to global market leaders in the production and/or service of  machinery and equipment and vehicles, dedicated to 

the mining, cement, energy, metallurgical, rock and mineral processing, agricultural and chemical industries, supplying wear parts. The following is a general overview of the InnerComposites 1 IC, 2 IC and 3 IC technology family.

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The general characteristics of the
InnerComposites 3IC family are presented below.

Composites 3 IC

The use of 3 IC i.e. cast composites products increasing the tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, and wear resistance in the whole volume of casting achieved owing to a hard ceramic phase addition.

We are working on this new technology to offer you classic casting grades with increased functionality.

We will gladly inform you about the 3 IC technology implementation readiness.

Wear resistance*,
(wear index *10-9

Median Vickers
hardness, [HV30]

Key features



Standard casting vs high-functionality MMC castings


We are constantly developing new technologies to produce metal matrix composites in castings. Our laboratory tests and analyzes new materials’ mechanical, functional, and physical properties. We have access to apparatus, machines and devices, allowing for their full characterization. In addition, in advanced research techniques, Innerco closely cooperates with leading research units in Poland, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency of research.


We currently have a pilot line for low-volume production of reactive components dedicated to 1 IC technology – composite zones and 3 IC technology under development – cast composites. Responding to market needs, as early as in Q4 2023, we plan to open a factory that will ensure large-scale production of reactive components. While our factory is being built, together with our partners we will ensure that you have access to reactive components in the necessary quantity.