TiC MMC - Fragmentation

TiC, WC MMC - Stabilised by a moderator

WC MMC - Free of the moderator

Stage I 2012

Innerco was founded in 2012 by two women as a technology spin-off company. The company’s goal was to commercialise a technology for producing composite zones in castings based on a patent developed at the Faculty of Foundry Engineering of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (AGH). In 2014, it turned out that the solution developed in the laboratory is difficult to use on an industrial scale. The reason for this was the phenomenon of fragmentation of titanium carbide (TiC) reinforced composite zones occurring in castings with increased mass.

Stage II 2015

Intensive research on the phenomenon of fragmentation of composite zones reinforced with TiC particles carried out at Innerco led to the development of a solution enabling the production of composite zones in castings on an industrial scale. The developed technology allowed for creation of local composite zones reinforced with titanium carbide (TiC), tungsten carbide (WC), or their mixture, which were stabilised by the addition of a moderator. Research and development work was conducted in the field of developing new products, i.e. castings for applications in the mining and cement industries.

Stage III 2019

Innerco has developed a breakthrough technology for producing tungsten carbide-reinforced composite zones and layers in iron alloy castings. With the ability to directly synthesise WC into castings without the use of moderator additives, it is possible to obtain up to 80% WC particles by volume within an abrasion-resistant zone. The zone itself is formed by the reaction of a reactive insert with a liquid alloy poured into the mould cavity, forming a permanent bond with the rest of the casting. Similarly, reactive coatings are used to produce composite layers, which react with the casting alloy to form a composite layer reinforced with WC particles on the selected surface.


Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) materials and technologies to manufacture high-functionality wear parts.

We supply for the global market a family of 1IC and 2IC InnerComposites technologies, in the form of licensing, supply and service. Our composite materials are reinforced by those of the hardest ceramic phases, being TiC and WC.

We are global pathfinders and we strive to remain leaders in developing MMC technologies used to reinforce wear parts using WC particles. Using our 2IC materials – among all of those available on the global market – we would like to enable you to achieve the highest product functionality possible. Under development, we have what is the final element of our InnerComposites family – 3IC cast composites.

Technological advancements in materials influence efficiency and lifespan of your wear parts, as well as energy conservation and reduction in pollution. These are some of the basic challenges of modern materials science.

The wear of materials is the result of two processes: abrasion and corrosion – which eliminate millions of tons of construction elements every year. Bearing in mind the direct relationship between the constant pursuit of increasing the efficiency of implemented processes and the high consumption of natural resources and energy, there is a need to design high-functional technologies and materials that increase the efficiency of machinery, equipment, and vehicles, while reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy. Simultaneously they also reduce emissions and pollution associated with the production of their low-functional substitutes. Innerco supports this global vision by implementing a strategy of creating, developing, and implementing materials and technologies that meet the above criteria.


The development of new materials and products requires close collaboration between the end user, the manufacturer, and the R&D department. Based on our experience, such synergy ensures a holistic approach to solving engineering problems and creating new areas of development. Therefore, we strive to establish partnerships with end-users, manufacturers of machinery, equipment, vehicles, foundry chemicals, as well as scientific institutions and research institutes to best tailor our composite technologies to the specific needs of a given application.

Do you want to increase the functionality of your products or services with composites? Contact our development team!

Less is more for the environment

We strive to create technologies that significantly reduce the exploration of the natural environment and thus, preserve it for us, our loved ones and future generations. We appreciate the power of technologies that balance the development of civilization and ensure the protection of our planet.

By using them, you will cause that collectively we will produce less of their low-functional replacements, and thus reduce the consumption of natural resources and lower the pollution of our planet.


Technology makes a real impact when its products are available to everyone. We want to reach out to anyone who is willing and able to leverage the potential of our InnerComposites technologies to develop and manufacture their own high-functional, abrasion-resistant products. We can effectively implement the technology transfer process and actively support its implementation. We want to participate with you in the development of your MMC products and together make a real impact on the availability of MMC cast products manufactured using InnerComposites technology.

Social responsibility

We are aware of the fact that our activity exerts more and more influence on selected areas of civilization development and the natural environment. Therefore, as a responsible company, we have introduced, among others, the following activities:

The pillars of our responsibilities are:

We strive to be an excellent employer. To achieve this, we provide our employees with competitive compensation, a healthy and challenging work environment, and an opportunity for professional and personal growth;

We follow the principles that are important to us. In the workplace, we show mutual respect for each other, are guided by integrity, maintain ethical business relationships, and perform our jobs responsibly;

We respect nature and want to protect its resources by designing technologies and materials that incrementally extend the life of cast parts of machinery and equipment. We also ensure that they are 100% recyclable;

Join us!

Do you have knowledge and experience in selling technology or products on the global market? Would you like to have an influence on the sales strategy and the ability to shape it? Are you characterized by efficiency and consequence? Join a small, but modern and fast-growing company which strives to continually push the boundaries in the development and implementation of MMC technologies and materials. We provide cutting-edge and ground-breaking technologies and products that we want to offer on the global market, a lot of freedom in terms of sales methods and new markets, and exciting challenges. Sound interesting? Send your CV to: biuro@innerco.pl. Please write in your email the type of work you are interested in. We come back with feedback to everyone!

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